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Wilmington/Whitingham Informational Meetings/Hearings on Consolidation

posted Mar 18, 2011, 11:38 AM by Tricia ManzkeDves

Wilmington/Whitingham Informational Meetings/Hearings on Consolidation

In Wilmington:

Monday, March 28th, 6:30 in the high school gymnasium. !

In Whitingham: 

Wednesday, March 30th, 6:30 in the middle school gymnasium.

The School Boards of Wilmington and Whitingham will be conducting two informational meetings/hearings to share the latest information on school consolidation. These meetings will include presentations on the designs and costs for:

• A joint middle/high school in Wilmington and a joint elementary school in Whitingham. 

• A joint middle/high school in Whitingham and a joint elementary school in Wilmington. 

• A scope of work and costs associated with upgrading all three facilities with no consolidation.

In addition, there will be information on the cost savings from a consolidated program.

These presentations will be followed by open hearings from the community on their concerns and preferences for each option. After these hearings the two boards will make a decision regarding a single option which will be associated with a two town vote for a consolidated Pre-school - 12th grade district. These meetings will be followed with more informational meetings and hearings in April specifically on the non-facility matters of consolidation. In these future hearings we will share information on:

• The School Boardʼs Vision for Education 

• What a consolidated academic program would look like and how it would be implemented. 

• The details and breakdown of cost savings from consolidation. 

• The tax rate impact on each town. 

• The governance structure of a new joint contract. 

• The future use and costs of the Wilmington building that is closed as a school. 

• Transportation costs and logistics.